The broadcasting license for Bay FM has been renewed for a further 5 years. The license, as issued by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA), provides Bay FM with another 5-year window to educate, inform and entertainment its close to 90 000 listeners within its broadcast area.

“We serve a diverse, dynamic, rapidly developing community and are delighted to be allowed to continue. As a community broadcaster which is in touch with its people, ours is to contribute to the growth and development of our broadcast area which includes Nelson Mandela Bay, Kouga and Sundays River Municipalities. These areas combined is in essence a microcosm of South Africa” said General Manager, Antonio Venturini.


The station is experiencing exciting developments, designed to strengthen its position as a leader in its field.


“The next 5 years will see us go from strength to strength, entrenching our catchphrase “Our Community, Your Radio”, Venturini said.
Saturday, 18 October kick starts changes with an all new Saturday Breakfast Show.


“We’ve seen an increase in demand for an interactive, lively weekend breakfast programme”, says Venturini. The presenters of Weekend Breakfast – Luzuko Qoba, Siba Swartbooi and Lerato Thipa are no strangers to radio, having been involved in weekend programming on BayFM to date.  This new programme is followed by the ever popular “Group1 Saterdagjolyt”, presented by the Alberts brothers, Kobus and André. 


An all new Afrikaans programme makes its debut on Saturday 18 October. “My Kontrei”, presented by Dr Brink Botha; it will run from 2pm to 5pm and will focus closely on local content, artist profiles and an unpacking of cultures and its nuances- an element of present day society, which is often held dear to many. The final hour of the show will be dedicated to property talk and developments in and around our broadcast area.

Sunday line-up has seen its only change recently, with Pieter Huysamen anchoring the Sunday music show “ Musiek met Feel”. Pieter, who is totally blind for the last 12 years, is the first blind radio presenter in the Eastern Cape.

Weekday Breakfast, which runs from 6am to 9am, sports a facelift, with the addition of two new voices. Armand De Lauwere and Anja Cole join Marlon Primo, while Alida Senekal bids farewell to the show. Rochlé Bloem previously co-host in the Breakfast Show now joins Kevin D on the “Out to Lunch” programme (12 noon to 3pm).


The weekday music programme, “Nightschool, is graduating, with a new name to boot. "Studio 041", as it will now be called, will provide weekday listening pleasure and dynamic conversation-a platform for 20 to 30 year olds to “tell it like it is”. The show will be anchored by DJ Spectrum (Chad Smith), Leah Moodaley and Taku Mharapara (DJ Marbles). The station plans to host an official Studio 041 launch party during November.

Friday evenings from 10pm to 12am will see the return of the once-popular creative arts programme, "Present Testament". This platform is specifically re-introduced to cater for all forms of local creative skills ranging but not limited to hiphop, spoken word and even fashion design.

“We have in recent times done our level best to address burning issues and beneficial community matters. Creating a bigger platform to discuss that which matters in our community seems only fitting”, commented Venturini. The talk show “Community Matters”, previously aired on Monday evenings, will now run from Monday to Wednesday evenings from 8pm – 9 pm, thereby providing more time to address matters of interest to our community.

October also saw the return of traffic news fundi Tobie Jonck. Traffic News has since been increased to include lunch time reporting over and above the regular Breakfast and Drive Show reports.

Weekday line-up changes will commence on Monday, 20 October 2014.

 October 18, 2014
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BayFM 107.9 recently welcomed a new voice to the airwaves when Pieter Huysamen took over anchoring the popular Sunday evening music programme “Musiek Met Feel” a few weeks ago.


What makes this addition to the BayFM team significant is the fact that Pieter is blind, making him the first blind radio presenter in the Eastern Cape.


Pieter’s eyes were irreparably damaged when acid was thrown in his face in 2002; his eyes were surgically removed as a result.

“Pieter has the voice, life experience and extensive knowledge of music - a perfect combination for Musiek met Feel”, says BayFM General Manager Antonio Venturini. He believes Pieter’s passion contributes immensely to the success of the programme.


“When I still had my eyesight, I tackled everything in life systematically. When I became blind, I merely adapted my systems accordingly. The same applies to being on air. I’m not blind – I just can’t see”, said Huysamen.


While Pieter has a co-host to operate the playout system, he prepares and researches playlists for each show.

“I didn’t have time at my disposal to pursue my passion for music before. The opportunity presented to me by BayFM107.9 is truly fulfilling.”


Musiek Met Feel airs every Sunday evening from 18h00 to 21h00 on BayFM 107.9

 October 07, 2014
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Bay FM


BY Edupuppets / BayFM


 EduPuppets will soon be presenting a new children’s series on BayFM 107.9 called Mrs Chatterbox. Mrs Chatterbox (sock puppet) and her chatterbox (puppet theatre) will be visiting schools as from 5 September 2014 to chat to kids, gathering their opinions about various social topics. The conversations will be recorded and aired on BayFM 107.9 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on the Drive show starting on 15 September 2014.




‘Our aim as a specialised Edutainment company is to use puppetry as a visual aid to encourage children to express their thoughts and opinions openly. We use a trained presenter to act as medium between the puppets and audience to guide the audience in teaching the puppet about a specific topic. Although the audience is teaching the puppet, it’s the audience who is indirectly being taught and affected by the information, opinions and feelings of everyone present, so as to encourage awareness and social development.’ – Stacey Kay, EduPuppets.




The series will take a very relaxed approach towards the Grade R – Grade 5 learners with Mrs Chatterbox asking interesting and entertaining questions to pupils in one-on-one sessions. Questions such as “where does the sun go at night” is bound to produce interesting and amusing responses from a group of 5 year olds! The sessions for the Grade 6 – 7 pupils will take a different approach with topics of discussions designed to extract more comprehensive and thought provoking views and opinions from learners.


‘Creating awareness in society requires multiple stakeholders; we at BayFM 107.9 are excited about joining hands with Mrs Chatterbox and EduPuppets.’- Antonio Venturini,General Manager, BayFM 107.9




Schools who would like to take part in this exciting road radio series can contact Stacey on 076 201 7875 or for more information. The series is expected to be ongoing.




There is no fee for Mrs Chatterbox’s visit to schools but there is an optional puppet making activity available at R20 per child. Mrs Chatterbox is expected to embark on a road show in the near future.




‘I think one of the best parts about being a puppet is how children automatically open up to me the way they wouldn’t normally do with adults. I’ve even had introverted children who don’t integrate well open up to me like their best friend. This radio series sure is going to be fun. I can’t wait!’ – Mrs Chatterbox Puppet




 August 25, 2014
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Edupuppets / BayFM

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